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Grateful Dead Skin Body Facial: 

Shake it, shake it sugaree.  This full face & body treatment uses a sugar magnolia exfoliant, treating congestion and  revealing a brighter and smoother surface.  A touch of grey mud mask is painted all over from head to toe releasing toxins and locking in moisture.    Finished with a luxurious massage using hot stones collected down by the riverside, you will feel like you've been drifted to where the winds don't blow so strange. 

90 minutes: $149 (regularly $189)

Marley Massage:  

This is my massage to you-ou-ou!  All good vibes with this stimulating body treatment!    A  full body exfoliation using Jamaican coffee beans and hemp seed oil exfoliate and perk up  dead skin cells.  Hot Stones, aromatherapy, and vibrational sound therapy will leave you with no worry 'bout a thing!  60 minutes: $79 (regularly $115)

Summer specials Have arrived!

Feel Fresh, Young and Vitalized with these
Summer music inspired Spa treatments! 

Big Guns N' Fresh Roses Facial:
Do you know where you are?  Your at Vitality baby..and your gonna sigh!   Ahhhh...this facial takes out the big guns with our microcurrent facial machine to lift and tone squinty eyes from the Summer sun.  Rose extracts in our flower enzyme and Citrustem facial mask rejuvenates skin helping it to regain elasticity and plumpness.  Refreshed skin looks lustrous as a full bloom and feels velvety smooth as it petals.  You'll be knock, knock, knockin' on heavens door! 

60 minutes: $99 ​(regularly $135)