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Vitality [vi-'ta-l?-te]

1: capacity to live & develop
2: power to endure
3: living life to its fullest!
"Don't live a repressed life, otherwise you live not at all. Live a life of expression, vitality, joy.
Live the way existence wanted you to live; the natural way." ~OSHO

Please allow us to introduce ourselves

Christina Olvia
Christina Oliva

Licensed Aesthetician 2002/ Certified Wellness Consultant 2012

Christina has been practicing skincare, eyebrow shaping, and makeup for over 20 years. Her professional career in aesthetics began in local medspas where she performed laser hair removal, IPL skincare treatments, microdermabrasion, and advanced chemical peels. Her passion for a more natural approach to skincare, led her to the creation of the Vitality Facial. With this facial, she incorporates all the right touches to give her clients an advanced treatment in the comfort of candle light. In 2012, she took her aesthetics career to the next level by coaching her clients through detox and wellness programs to truly help them radiate Vitality from the inside out.

Vitality Wellness Spa was born on December 5th, 2005 in Reading, MA by aesthetician Christina Oliva and sister Dr. Anne Marie Marcellino, Alive and Well Chiropractic. This mindchild of these two sisters was created by asking themselves the simple question of "What would I look for in a spa?"

Vitality’s name and reputation soon grew fast earning the spa a 5 star rating on Citysearch and several "Best Of" Reader’s Choice Award‘s since 2006, accelerating Vitality’s core value -- a tranquil hide-away to renew and revitalize from the outside world. “Guests are always welcome to just come sit and relax, even without having an appointment!”, adds Christina. Vitality’s team of knowledgeable and passionate spa therapists provide some of the best spa treatments in the area which draws clients from several towns away. Let's meet them.

Rachel Brasil
Rachel Brasil

Licensed Massage Therapist since 2010

Rachel has been with Vitality since 2010. Her massage styles range from a relaxing, stress reducing Swedish massage, to a more therapeutic deep tissue massage for those who are seeking pain relief. During Rachel's massage, you will experience heat packs (or ice), hot towels, hot stones, scalp massage, and aromatherapy. Her dedication to the wellbeing of her clients, has earned her top retention, being the most demanded therapist Vitality has to offer. (Check out some of their reviews on Citysearch!) Rachel strives to ensure that you are getting the most amazing massage you have ever experienced. After all, you deserve it!

Lori Baldwin
Lori Baldwin

Licensed Massage Therapist since 2003

Lori has been with Vitality since 2011. Her interest in massage began when she apprenticed with a woman who applied massage therapies on horses. Learning that horses have very similar anatomy as people, she expanded her gift of healing animals to nurturing loved ones. She then became attuned in Reiki energy and has continued her education with craniosacral therapy, and myofacial release.

Mena Neira
Mena Neira

Licensed Massage Therapist & Licensed Aesthetician since 2006

Mena has been with Vitality since 2010 with over seven years of experience in customized facials, chemical peels, waxing, body treatments and Airbrush tanning. She continued her education by obtaining a certification in Massage Therapy at the Salter School of Massage where she specializes in Swedish, Deep Tissue, Hot Stone, Pre-natal massage and reflexology. Being trained in skincare and massage allows her to customize amazing treatments for each and every client.

Genevieve Springer
Genevieve Springer

Licensed Aesthetician since 2011

Genevieve has been with Vitality since 2011. Her passion with skin care allows her to deliver unparalleled results when it comes to age management. Her knowledge on how to keep drinking from the fountain of youth, and her talents of sculpting the perfect brow, allows for her clients to feel so much better about their skin and looking great!

Cheryl Phillion
Cheryl Phillion

Licensed Aesthetician & Cosmetologist 1993

Cheryl has been with Vitality since 2011. Her specialties are in speed waxing, make up application, anti-aging and acneic facials.

Employment OpportunitiesAt Vitality Wellness Spa we respect each individual for their uniqueness and the value they bring to our world. We place an emphasis on self-empowerment and positive inner development, taking charge of our own lives. These values play an integral role of functioning as a collective whole.

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